Oh hi! I’m so happy that you’ve found Doughnut Kitten. Time to relax, and drift into a state of rainbow-coated bliss as the adorable kitten and his frosted doughnut paint hypnotic pastel lattices across your screen. Let this silly, scrumptious confection erase all of your daily frustrations, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Doughnut Kitten is a sugary sanctitude of joy, and an online retreat for those in need of a smile.

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Doughnut Kitten by Tania Hennessy

I’m Vancouver artist Tania Hennessy, and Doughnut Kitten is my pointless-yet-pleasing piece of digital pop art. I created it back in 2016, never imagining what it would become. Doughnut Kitten has since traversed screens across the world, in over 50 countries! He was featured in magazines, content sites, and art shows. But most importantly, he makes people smile.

Like Nyan Cat and other nonsensical creations, Doughnut Kitten is a part of mindless Internet culture. He’s studio photography blended with computer animation, and just as much fun for cats as she is for humans! Kick back with your best kitty friend, and watch to see if his rainbow trail ever fills that last corner of your screen. Click on Doughnut Kitten to catch hidden surprises!

I’m a cat and kitten photographer, and a Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association foster. All of the feline models that visit my studio are homeless, abandoned animals rescued by VOKRA, and my husband and I have had the pleasure of caring for many of them in our home. I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to showcase the amazing, unique personalities of rescue cats and kittens in my work, and to help promote adoption.

You can see many of these wonderful rescue cats and kittens on my website, or on my Instagram. Doughnut Kitten is also a part of my ongoing Emoji Kittens collection, which is always growing as new kittens come into my life and inspire me.