Doughnut Kitten 2016

Welcome to the kawaii world of Doughnut Kitten.

Feel yourself drift into a rainbow-coated state of bliss as a wide-eyed kitten, nestled in a scrumptious doughnut emoji, transforms your screen into ever-evolving work of modern art.

The Kawaii World of Doughnut Kitten

Doughnut Kitten invites you to sit back and relax, and experience the calm satisfaction that comes from hours of gazing into this tasty confection. Let the sugary pastel colours and hypnotic, unblinking kitten bring a smile to your face.

Like that other rainbow-trail-blazing Internet feline, Nyan Cat, Doughnut Kitten is a portable, pointless-yet-pleasing piece of pop art. Imbibe in Doughnut Kitten at work, at home, or on the go.

The Kawaii World of Doughnut Kitten

Single-serving digital art is both a product of and a reflection upon Internet culture, and I’m excited to be able to contribute to its landscape. Doughnut Kitten traces her rainbow path and creates endlessly overlapping lattice layers in the name of time-wasting Internet cats and the universal language of emoji. She is classic studio photography infused with computer animation to create a bubbly, mindless digital experience.

It takes a special sort of kitten to fill this particular emoji. Many hopefuls auditioned, but only one lucky lady landed the part. From the moment Nimbus glided into my studio, it was clear she was destined for doughnut-riding greatness.

Doughnut Kitten auditions

Will Doughnut Kitten ever fill that last little corner of the screen? Can you experience enlightenment if you watch Doughnut Kitten for two straight hours while slowly partaking in a mouthwateringly rich, velvety doughnut? The answers lie somewhere over the pastel-frosted rainbow…

If you haven’t already sampled every flavour of Doughnut Kitten, you should definitely return to experience each delicious frosting. Humans can switch flavours with the click of a mouse. Unsurprisingly – as they are cultural influencers themselves - cat love Doughnut Kitten, too! They love to express their choices through eager paw taps on a mobile screen.

Kick back with your best fur-friend, and delight in watching the rainbow trail slowly frost your screen.

Kitten playing with Doughnut Kitten on an iPad

Doughnut Kitten is just the beginning. On July 17th – International Emoji Day – a full collection of emoji kittens will be unleashed upon the Internet.

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Special thanks to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) for letting Nimbus and co. be a part of Doughnut Kitten.