Forever Friends: Grandad and Switch

Writing a first blog post on a brand new website is a pretty intimidating thing to do and to be honest, I’ve been procrastinating on it for a while. Who or what do I share for my first post? I decided it should be a photo that is really special to me, an image of my Grandad and his cat Switch.

Switch wasn’t always my Grandad’s cat. Back in 2006, my Mum’s cat gave birth to four beautiful little kittens and I instantly fell in love with one cheeky little munchkin who had big blue eyes and striking tabby stripes. At the time, I knew that I would eventually be moving overseas so adopting a kitten wasn’t exactly the smart or responsible choice. However, my family assured me that no matter what, Switch would always have a home with them. When the time finally came for me to move to Canada, Switch went to live with my Nana and Grandad and they all became fast friends. 

After Nana passed away, it was comforting to know that Grandad still had a furry friend to keep him company. In summer, Switch hangs around outside while Grandad picks fresh tomatoes from the garden, or he supervises as Grandad works on his wood carvings in the workshop, exploring the wood piles and climbing around the rafters. On winter evenings, he sits on Grandad’s lap in the living room and they catch up on their favourite television shows together. When it’s time for lights out, Switch takes his place at the end of the bed each night. They are such a lovely pair—Grandad and Switch.