The Fine Art of Doughnut Kitten: Original Prints

From single-serving digital confection to Vancouver art show icon, Doughnut Kitten has been on a meteoric rainbow-tailed rise. Now I’m excited to announce the release of Doughnut Kitten original fine art prints! These one-of-a-kind works are available in my shop

 The Fine Art of Doughnut Kitten by Tania Hennessy

I first introduced my bubbly, mindless creation to the world on National Doughnut Day, in her original medium: She mesmerized visitors as she traced pastel lattices on screens around the world from atop her sugary doughnut chariot. Like other great Internet cats before her, she was pointless-yet-pleasing fun, and an ever-evolving piece of digital pop art.

Little did I know, the Doughnut Kitten evolution had only begun. Soon her scrumptious, rainbow-coated bliss was in demand, and she surprised me by becoming a popular collectible at Hot Art Wet City’s Hot One Inch Action show. And now my sweet little emoji-loving kitten has her sights set on achieving fine art fame.

The original Doughnut Kitten art prints give collectors a rare chance to own a unique piece of Internet culture.

The Fine Art of Doughnut Kitten by Tania Hennessy

Each individual print is painstakingly created through countless hours of collaboration between myself and Doughnut Kitten. The rainbows on each print weave a completely unique pattern for one lucky recipient. Some are a single, bold rainbow statement, while others feature an entire lattice-frosted scene.

I fully admit to being a perfectionist, and it took months of testing to get the colours absolutely perfect - both alone and together as a complete rainbow. Each print is done on a beautiful, bright museum-grade fine art paper that is 100% cotton and has a smooth matte feel with a slight texture. I've teamed up with a talented and experienced local printer that uses archival pigment inks to produce bright, gorgeous pastel works of art.

Doughnut Kitten test prints by Tania Hennessy

As a special and unique addition, each collector can watch a video of their print being created by the one and only Doughnut Kitten. When friends ask about your print - and Doughnut Kitten is destined to be a conversation piece - you can actually show them the little corner of the Internet in which your print was created.

Give someone special the gift of kawaii pop art - or keep this delicious treat all to yourself.

Emoji Kittens

It’s time for a new era of kitten photography.

For far too long, fluffy feline starlets have been confined to garden flower pots and baskets. We’ve given them only balls of wool with which to pose, and expected them to light up with kittenish glee each time we place a googly-eyed goldfish in a bowl before their eyes. All of this for the slim chance of earning a coveted slot in an annual kitten wall calendar. 

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

But we are living in a material world, and modern kittens are material creatures! Today’s frisky young feline has grown up chasing digital mice on mom’s iPad, his every waking moment immortalized on a popular Instagram account. He is as comfortable with cat breading as he is with cat bearding, and he’s no stranger to being memed.

Our hashtag-driven society is living in HD, yet kitten photography has remained trapped in the celluloid past. All of that will change with Emoji Kittens.

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Emojis are the ultimate piece of pop culture symbolism, and kittens are the stars of the Internet. I found myself wondering how the two had never been paired in digital art. It couldn’t be just any emojis, though; the kittens had to be able to engage with the emojis for the photos to have meaning, and that’s where the idea came to life.

Emoji Kittens is a playful new collection that blends studio photography with digital art to place kittens in an entirely new landscape. Classic cuddly kittens posing against soft, minimal pastel scenes take on a vibrant new meaning when juxtaposed with two-dimensional emoji embellishments. The images are fun-loving and irreverent, like the kittens themselves.

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

A moustachioed tuxedo kitten takes on a comic flair as she nibbles on a slice of emoji pizza. The pampered white kitten looks absolutely fabulous as he stares down from under his emoji crown. The black kitten with her daring mohawk becomes too cool for school when she dons her emoji shades. And what kitten wouldn’t clutch his nose in wide-eyed surprise when confronted with an emoji poop?

My explorations in emoji art actually began with Doughnut Kitten, that pastel-frosted single-serving confection who first launched his tiny doughnut emoji across screens around the world back in June. In the grand tradition of Nyan Cat, Doughnut Kitten’s single purpose is to spread smiles as his hypnotic rainbow trail creates a portable, pointless-yet-pleasing piece of digital art.

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Billions of emojis are sent each day, and they’ve blossomed from social media fluff into a universal language understood around the world. Not since the pre-alphabetic origins of language have humans been so into pictographic script. Emojis enrich our communications in ways that were once impossible by conveying all the complexities of a sentiment in a simple symbol.

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Kittens and emojis are each such brilliant elements of current pop culture, and I’m excited to be the one to bring them together in my collection. I hope that people will delight in seeing these adorable little furballs frolicking with fun new friends.

Follow me to experience all of the installments in the Emoji Kittens collection! In the coming months I’ll release more of these digital art images through my email list, Facebook page, and Instagram. Special thanks to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association for letting these kittens be a part of the Emoji Kittens collection.

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Emoji Kittens by Tania Hennessy

Doughnut Kitten 2016

Welcome to the kawaii world of Doughnut Kitten.

Feel yourself drift into a rainbow-coated state of bliss as a wide-eyed kitten, nestled in a scrumptious doughnut emoji, transforms your screen into ever-evolving work of modern art.

The Kawaii World of Doughnut Kitten

Doughnut Kitten invites you to sit back and relax, and experience the calm satisfaction that comes from hours of gazing into this tasty confection. Let the sugary pastel colours and hypnotic, unblinking kitten bring a smile to your face.

Like that other rainbow-trail-blazing Internet feline, Nyan Cat, Doughnut Kitten is a portable, pointless-yet-pleasing piece of pop art. Imbibe in Doughnut Kitten at work, at home, or on the go.

The Kawaii World of Doughnut Kitten

Single-serving digital art is both a product of and a reflection upon Internet culture, and I’m excited to be able to contribute to its landscape. Doughnut Kitten traces her rainbow path and creates endlessly overlapping lattice layers in the name of time-wasting Internet cats and the universal language of emoji. She is classic studio photography infused with computer animation to create a bubbly, mindless digital experience.

It takes a special sort of kitten to fill this particular emoji. Many hopefuls auditioned, but only one lucky lady landed the part. From the moment Nimbus glided into my studio, it was clear she was destined for doughnut-riding greatness.

Doughnut Kitten auditions

Will Doughnut Kitten ever fill that last little corner of the screen? Can you experience enlightenment if you watch Doughnut Kitten for two straight hours while slowly partaking in a mouthwateringly rich, velvety doughnut? The answers lie somewhere over the pastel-frosted rainbow…

If you haven’t already sampled every flavour of Doughnut Kitten, you should definitely return to experience each delicious frosting. Humans can switch flavours with the click of a mouse. Unsurprisingly – as they are cultural influencers themselves - cat love Doughnut Kitten, too! They love to express their choices through eager paw taps on a mobile screen.

Kick back with your best fur-friend, and delight in watching the rainbow trail slowly frost your screen.

Kitten playing with Doughnut Kitten on an iPad

Doughnut Kitten is just the beginning. On July 17th – International Emoji Day – a full collection of emoji kittens will be unleashed upon the Internet.

Follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or subscribe to my mailing list, and return to this website often to be among the first to see sneak previews of my next wave of smile-inducing art.

Special thanks to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) for letting Nimbus and co. be a part of Doughnut Kitten.

Forever Friends: Grandad and Switch

Writing a first blog post on a brand new website is a pretty intimidating thing to do and to be honest, I’ve been procrastinating on it for a while. Who or what do I share for my first post? I decided it should be a photo that is really special to me, an image of my Grandad and his cat Switch.

Switch wasn’t always my Grandad’s cat. Back in 2006, my Mum’s cat gave birth to four beautiful little kittens and I instantly fell in love with one cheeky little munchkin who had big blue eyes and striking tabby stripes. At the time, I knew that I would eventually be moving overseas so adopting a kitten wasn’t exactly the smart or responsible choice. However, my family assured me that no matter what, Switch would always have a home with them. When the time finally came for me to move to Canada, Switch went to live with my Nana and Grandad and they all became fast friends. 

After Nana passed away, it was comforting to know that Grandad still had a furry friend to keep him company. In summer, Switch hangs around outside while Grandad picks fresh tomatoes from the garden, or he supervises as Grandad works on his wood carvings in the workshop, exploring the wood piles and climbing around the rafters. On winter evenings, he sits on Grandad’s lap in the living room and they catch up on their favourite television shows together. When it’s time for lights out, Switch takes his place at the end of the bed each night. They are such a lovely pair—Grandad and Switch.